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What Is Venners? Why Venners?

What are veneers

A Veneer Is A “Thin Piece Of Porcelain Used To Re-Create The Natural Look Of Teeth, While Also Providing Strength And Resilience Comparable To Natural Tooth Enamel.” They Are Custom Made To The Contour Of Your Teeth And Are Bonded To The Tooth’s Original Enamel During A Series Of In-Office Procedures.

Uses Of Veneers

What are veneers

Veneers Can Be Used To Close Gaps Or Correct Small Misalignments. Patients Also Choose Veneers As A Comestic Solution To Enhance The Brightness Of Their Teeth And To Straighten Their Smile, Correcting Issues Like Discoloration, Fractures, Or Chips.


Stained or darkened teeth
Multiple diastemas
Peg laterals
Chipped teeth
Lingual positioned teeth
Malposed teeth not requiring orthodontics
Insufficient tooth substrate (enamel for bonding)
Labial version
Excessive interdental spacing
Poor oral hygiene or caries
Parafunctional habits (clenching, bruxism)
Moderate to severe malposition or crowding

Care after Veneers

Brushing And Flossing Just As You Would Your Regular Teeth. Proper Daily Brushing, And Use Of Non-Abrasive Fluoride Toothpaste. Consider Limiting Coffee And Other Stain-Inducing Foods.

Keep In Mind That Veneers Will Need To Be Replaced At Some Point, No Matter How Well You Take Care Of Them. But Proper Oral Hygiene Will Help Them Last As Long As Possible.

If You’re Deciding On Veneers, Consult With Your Dentist And Be Sure You Understand Every Part Of The Process And Cost. A Beautiful Smile Feels Great And Can Increase Both Your Confidence And Well-Being.

Yellowish And Multiple Decayed Teeth On The Upper And Lower


Peg Lateral(The Second Tooth From The Midline Of The Front Which Is Smmaler Then The Actual Size)

Yellowish And Small Sized Tooth Shaped

Midline Diastema (Spacing At The Front Tooth) Due To The Extension Of The Frenum

Overlap Or Minimal Crowding At The Upper Front Teeth





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